Covid-19 Safety Policy

In light of the current events that have happened due to the spread of Covid 19, we ask that clients please adhere to the following guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and maintain client and staff safety within the salon:

  • Please wear a face mask to your appointment that covers your mouth and nose.
  • Please reschedule if you feel you have any symptoms or have a fever and feel unwell.
  • Please come alone to your appointment.
  • Please refrain from bringing excess personal items, such as shopping, large bags, un-required coats to your appointment.
  • Please bring a non- cash payment method where possible.
  • Please sanitise or wash your hands upon arrival.
  • Please refrain from using your phone during your treatment, unless urgent.

We have made a few changes to the way we operate to maximise safety within the salon.

  • All staff will only work if they are well and showing no signs of illness
  • Additional Personal ProtectiveEquipment (PPE) will be used as required and following government guidelines
  • Treatment spaces have been altered to allow a 2 metre space between other clients
  • Treatments will be staggered to ensure the minimum amount of individuals will be in the salon at one time.
  • Towels for hand drying have been replaced with paper towels.
  • Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities are readily available throughout the salon.
  • Until further notice we will not be offering clients refreshments during their appointment.
  • The salon will be cleaned and checked regularly throughout the day.
  • Staff have taken additional training during lockdown relating to Covid 19 and salon hygiene and safety to maximise the safety to all.

We will continue to follow good working practices that were in place prior to the Covid 19 outbreak. This includes maintaining good salon hygiene on worktops, tools, equipment and using disposables where required.


These guidelines must be followed until further notice.