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10 Beauty Myths Uncovered!

Are you ready for the truth?

We are about to uncover the truth about popular beauty myths that you may have been believing for years!

Here we go........

Myth 1 - “There’s SPF in my foundation, I don't need to apply anything else”

Many foundations now contain an SPF and whilst that may be good enough after the initial application, you still need to keep topping it up for the best protection. Using an SPF of at least 25 on your face (or 50 if out in the sun all day) will not only protect your skin, but also help reduce the signs of premature aging caused by sun damage.

Myth 2 - “The more expensive skincare products are, the better results”

Over the years, we have tried and tested so many brands stretching over different prices brackets. Truth is, some of the more expensive ones weren’t all that and some cheaper brands can work magic! You need to find a brand and product to suit your skin type and needs, this is not determined by price.

Myth 3 - “Get rid of spots with toothpaste”

Whilst, yes, toothpaste could dry out your spots, they are also filled with other ingredients that would irritate your skin, especially whitening toothpastes. This could lead to redness, inflamation and possibly more spots! So stick to using spot clearing remedies and keep the toothpaste for your pearly whites!

Myth 4 - “Cucumber reduces puffiness in your eyes”

Beauty images seem to be everywhere showing someone with a facemask on and cucumber covering their eyes. It’s not strictly true that it’s the cucumbers magical powers that can take down the puffiness around the eyes. It’s actually the coldness that helps by constricting the blood vessels and alleviating the swelling.

Myth 5 - “If you pluck a grey hair, two more will grow back in its place”

I’m sure you’ve all heard this one before! Truth is, it’s not the case…… each hair grows from a single follicle. You may remove that hair, but another will grow back in its predecessors place. Plucking them won’t encourage two to grow,  but neither will it stop the transition to silver fox!

Myth 6 - “Wearing make-up every day is bad for your skin”

I’m sure if you caked on a ton of make up every day, your skin may not thank you for it. Although if you are consistent with good quality make up every day AND you remove it thoroughly before bed, then all will be well. The key is the removal!

Myth 7 - “You can get rid of cellulite if you lose weight”

Cellulite is more of a problem with your skin, than your weight. When the connective tissues, elastin and collagen break down, fat cells can push their way through, giving a dimpling affect. Losing weight may smooth it out slightly but to reduce it further, try massage which has the benefits of lymphatic drainage. Alternatively try some exercise or changing your diet.

Myth 8 - “Nail polish stops your nails from breathing”

If I could have a pound for every time I have heard this, I could probably buy a private island in the sun! Your nails are dead cells. They get all of their nutrition and oxygen from your blood stream, not the air.

Myth 9 - “Going out in the sun can help dry out acne”

The sun WILL dry out your skin, but your skin will react by secreting more oils to compensate. This can lead to blocked pores and ultimately more breakouts, not to mention sun damage!

Myth 10 - “All natural ingredients are good for your skin”

It’s easy to think that if a product is all natural it can only do good for your skin right?

Wrong…… whilst using natural products can be wonderful and so beneficial in many ways, everyone has different skin types and sensitivities. If you are making your own DIY home remedies, do your research first….. don’t make your skin sad by putting the wrong ingredients on your face!

We uncover some of the most heard beauty myths! Are you ready for the truth?

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